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101 Great Trivia Questions
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  • Mount Erebus is which continent's major active volcano?
  • The rock music video channel MTV made its debut in which year?
  • In which country would you find the city of Toledo?
  • Which New South Wales city is known as Silver City?
    Broken Hill
  • Who was the 2004 Australian of the Year?
    Steve Waugh
  • What type of vegetable is a kipfler?
  • Where was Nicole Kidman born?
    Honolulu, Hawaii
  • In which country would you find the Suez Canal?
  • Mark Hunter was the lead singer in which band?
  • Paul Newman is associated with which sport?
    Motor Racing
  • Who won the 1984 Olympic gold medal for the heptathlon?
    Glynis Nunn
  • What is the name of Ronald McDonald's fat purple friend?
  • When did the Overland Telegraph between Port Augusta and Darwin become operational?
  • What was Kylie Minogue's first single?
  • Which Australian boxer twice went the distance with Muhamad Ali?
    Aussie Joe Bugner
  • How many players are on a basketball court at one time?
  • The Boy From Oz is a musical about who?
    Peter Allen
  • The Torrens River flows through which Australian city?
  • Who was the only Australian swimmer to win gold in the 1988 Seoul Olympics?
    Duncan Armstrong
  • Who was charged with the murder of John F Kennedy in 1963?
    Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Which bird would you associate with the Collingwood Football Club?
    A magpie
  • Who won Australia's first ever Winter Olympics Gold medal?
    Steven Bradbury
  • In what year did Cold Chisel split up?
  • What is the only type of bird that can fly backwards?
    The Hummingbird
  • Which Australian city hosted the 2001 Goodwill Games?
  • Where was William Shakespeare born?
    Strathford on Avon
  • Who said, "You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline"?
    Frank Zappa
  • What is the highest point in the Northern Territory?
    Mount Zeil at 1,531m
  • Which New Zealand batsman faced the famous underarm ball from Trevor Chappell?
    Brian McKenzie
  • How many wickets did Dennis Lillee take during his test career?
  • Which rapper starred in the movie 8 Mile?
  • Which film was the first to gross one Billion dollars?
  • Who's biography is titled 'Neither shaken nor stirred'?
    Sean Connery
  • What is the largest island in the Caribbean?
    Which letter lies directly to the left of N on a standard keyboard?
  • What was Donald Bradman's Test average for Australia?
  • What is the former name of Silverchair?
    Innocent Criminals
  • What is Australia's second oldest capital city?
  • In which two years did Greg Norman win the British Golf Open?
    1986 and 1993
  • Who won the first Sheffield Shield ?
  • Which states did Don Bradman play for ?
    New South Wales and South Australia
  • What does a beaver live in?
    A lodge
  • How high is Uluru in metres?
  • In which town is the Cherry Festival held each year?
    Young in New South Wales
  • What is Australia's wettest town?
  • What are the names of the Dukes of Hazzard boys?
    Luke and Bo
  • What is the home town of the artist Pro Hart?
    Broken Hill
  • How many days did the astronaught Andy Thomas spend on the Mir Space Station?
  • Who captained New South Wales to win the 2003 State of Origin series?
    Andrew Johns
  • Which band released the album Meteora in 2003?
    Linkin Park
  • Mad Max's Interceptor was based on which car?
    1973 XB Falcon GT Hardtop
  • How many strings are there on a mandolin?
  • Which two Australian's played Test cricket in the 70s, 80s and 90s?
    P. Sleep and A. Border
  • Which was the last summer Olympics Games didn't win a gold medal?
    1976 Montreal
  • In which Australian state was compulsory voting first introduced?
  • Which town is at the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers?
  • What is Al Pachino's real first name?
  • Who was the wicket keeper in the 1985 Rebel Australian Cricket tour?
    Steve Rixon
  • Which movie star was the inspiration behind Bugs Bunny?
    Clark Gable from It Happened One Night
  • Australia's Ascot racecourse is in which city ?
  • What is the value of Pi to five decimal places?
  • Who wrote The Origin of the Species?
    Charles Darwin
  • Which Slim Dusty song is Australia's only Gold 78 record?
    The Pub With No Beer
  • Who was the original singer of You're So Vain ?
    Carly Simon
  • Which bear grows the largest - Brown, Grizzly or Polar?
  • In which year were the Ash Wednesday Fires?
  • How many test scores over 200 did Don Bradman achieve?
  • What is the first name of ex Prime Minister Malcome Fraser's wife?
  • Where were the 1968 Olympic games held?
    Mexico City
  • Mount Everest is on the border of which two countries?
    Nepal and Tibet
  • What do the letters M & M stand for in the chocolate M & M?
    Mars and Murrie
  • Where would you find St. Marks Square?
    Venice, Italy
  • Which ex-patriot Australian is known as the Kogarah Kid?
    Clive James
  • Which country was called Siam until 1939?
  • What sport would you be playing if competing for the Solheim Cup?
  • Which river flows both north and south of the equator ?
    The Congo
  • Who broke the 100m freestule world record at the 2004 Olympic trials ?
    Libby Lenton
  • Who was the only person exempted from taking a drug test at the 1972 Olympics?
    Princess Anne
  • What is the name of the rear of a ship?
  • In Aussie rhyming slang what is a 'Captain Cook' ?
    A look
  • Who was born Reginald Dwight?
    Elton John
  • Who was Australia's third Prime Minister?
    John Christian Watson
  • In which year was the first test between England and Australia played?
  • Who was Australia playing when Mark Taylor matched Don Bradman's record Test score of 344?
  • Who was the host of the long running TV show 'Hey Hey Its Saturday?
    Darryl Summers
  • What point is the lowest point on the Australian mainland?
    Lake Eyre
  • Which two animals are on the Australian fifty cent coin?
    Kangaroo and Emu
  • Where in Australia is the Henly-on-Todd held each year?
    Alice Springs
  • What do you call a group of jellyfish ?
    A smack
  • What famous Sydney landmark was reopened in April 2004?
    Luna Park
  • Who played Ritchie Cunningham in Happy Days?
    Ron Howard
  • In what year did Midget Farrely become the world's first surfing champion?
  • Which rapper starred in the movie 8 Mile?
  • Where in New South Wales would you find The Big Trout ?
  • Which Australian city includes the suburbs Subiaco and Cottesloe ?
  • What is the State Capital of California ?
  • In which year did Pat Cash win Wimbledon?
  • In which sport would you shavedown for negative splits?
  • Which film featured Hatchet Harry and Barry the Baptist?
    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  • Which horse won the first ever Melbourne Cup?
    Archer in 1861
  • How would you express 98 in Roman Numerals?
  • Who designed the winged keel winning yacht in the 1983 America's Cup?
    Ben Lexcen
  • Alice Springs lies on the banks of which river?

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