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101 Great General Knowledge Trivia Questions

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  • Who was the director of the film Platoon?
    Oliver Stone
  • Who purchased land on the western shore of Port Phillip, Melbourne, from the local Aboriginals?
    John Batman
  • What is the aboriginal name for the Olgas?
    Kata Tuta
  • What is a baby cod called?
    A codling
  • Which famous novel opens with the line 'Call me Ishmael'?
    Moby Dick
  • What are the names of the two cops in the Lethal Weapons films?
    Martin Riggs & Roger MurtaughIn
  • which country would you find the world's longest fence?
  • Who had the hit Whole Lotta Rosie?
  • Who was the first non-royal to appear on a British potage stamp?
    William Shakespeare
  • What is the name of the production company that produced The Castle and The Dish?
    Working Dog
  • What is the official language of Nigeria?
  • Charles Kingsford Smith flew across the Pacific in a plane named what?
    Southern Cross
  • What does a paleontologist study?
  • Which Australian state has no convict heritage?
    South Australia
  • Which country was called Siam until 1939?
  • What was Kylie Minogue's first feature film?
    The delinquent
  • How many Australian cities have hosted the Olympic Games?
    Two: Melbourne and Sydney
  • Who was known as Flo Jo?
    Florence Griffith Joyner
  • Which Australian claims to be the largest in the world by area?
    Mount Isa
  • In which year did the Sydney Harbour Tunnel open?
  • Who did Alan Border succeed as Australia's test captain?
    Kim Hughes
  • What is a baby echidna called?
    A Puggle
  • In which decade was the Esky launched in Australia?
    The 1950s
  • Who won the first Australian Big Brother?
    Ben Williams
  • What is a pie floater?
    A pie floating in pea soup/mushy peas
  • Who designed the Sydney 2000 Olympic torch?
    Mark Armstrong
  • Name the 1969 movie classic starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper
    Easy Rider
  • Which bank was previously known as the Bank of NSW?
  • How many bones are there in an Elephant's trunk?
  • What is the name of the dog on the HMV record label?
  • What precious stones are found at Coober Pedy?
  • Elton Flatley became Queensland Reds skipper in 2004 replacing who?
    Daniel Herbert
  • In what country is the city of Lucknow?
  • On average, how many volts are found in three phase electricity?
  • Who founded the Royal Flying Doctor Service?
    Dr. John Flynn
  • In which year did Cyclone Tracey hit Darwin?
  • Which Australian actor won the Best Actor Oscar for Shine?
    Geoffrey Rush
  • Which car company makes the Testarossa?
  • Whose biography is titled 'Neither shaken nor stirred'?
    Sean Connery
  • What is the name of Courtney Cox's character in the Scream movies?
    Gale Weathers
  • In which year did Princess Dianna die?
  • Which bird would you associate with the Collingwood football club?
    The Magpie
  • What was the traditional name for the best shearer in the shed?
  • What native Australian animal can drink using its skin?
    Thorny Devil Lizard
  • Who was on the cover of the first Rolling Stone magazine?
    John Lennon
  • What trade did Harrison Ford work in before becoming a film star?
  • What is the largest island in the Caribbean?
  • Who crossed the Antarctic Circle in 1773?
    Captain James Cook
  • What is the name of the range that runs along the East Coast of Australia?
    Great Dividing Range
  • What river flows both north and south of the equator?
    The Congo
  • Who was the host of Hey Hey Its Saturday?
    Darryl Summers
  • What is the smallest country in Europe?
    Vatican City
  • How many states make up the United States of America?
  • What is the only planet that rotates clockwise?
  • What cricketers have played for Australia with the surname starting with Z?
    Zoeher & Zesers
  • What is the capital of Afghanistan?
  • Which country has the most volcanoes?
  • Whose portraits do you find on a $10 note?
    Banjo Patterson and Dame Mary Gilmore
  • Which Australian city is called the City of Lights?
  • In what year was the Sydney Opera House opened?
    1973 [October 20]
  • What is Peter Lalor best known for?
    Leading the Eureka uprising
  • Which actor was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?
    Will Smith
  • In what year did Australia first win the Rugby World Cup?
  • In a deck of playing cards what is the only king without a moustache?
    The King of Hearts
  • Which horses have won the Melbourne Cup at 100/1 odds?
    The Pearl (1871), Wodan (1936 and Old Rowley (1940)
  • What is the best poker hand?
    A Royal Flush
  • What number is referred to as Top of the House in Bingo?
  • What animal was the Canary Islands named after?
    The dog
  • In which year was Newcastle, Australia, devastated by an earthquake?
  • Who was both an F1 driver and a police officer?
    Nigel Mansell
  • Who is the voice of Shaggy in the movie Scooby Doo?
    Casey Kassem
  • Which two animals are on the Australian 50c coin?
    Emu & kangaroo
  • Who had the major role in the film Enter The Dragon?
    Bruce Lee
  • Which country has the world's longest coastline?
  • What is the singer Prince's real name?
    Prince Rogers Nelson
  • Which band released the album Meteora in 2003
    Linkin Park
  • What is the former name of the band Silverchair?
    Innocent Criminals
  • Which actor starred in the films Con Air, Big Daddy and Armageddon?
    Steve Buscemi
  • What do you call a group of owls?
    A Parliament
  • What was the name of Dame Edna's dead husband?
  • Who made the first solo flight from England to Australia
    Bert Hinkler
  • What sportsman said "My greatest strength is that I have no weaknesses"?
    John McInroe
  • What are the names of the Blues Brothers?
    Jake & Elwood
  • What do you call the rear of a ship?
  • In which films would you find the character John McClane?
    The Die Hard series
  • How many dots are there on a pair of dice?
  • What major town is situated aprox. 30 km west of Wyangala Dam?
  • In which city would you find St. Paul's Cathedral?
  • What city would you be flying into if you landed at Marco Polo Airport?
  • What is the capital of Guyana?
  • What countries border Turkey?
    Bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Amenia and Greece
  • In which US state would you find the Grand Canyon?
  • What plant gives beer its bitter taste and smell?
    The hop
  • How long did the Korean War last?
    Three years and one month
  • What is the name of the famous Darwin gaol?
    Fannie Bay
  • Which Rugby League team did Bob Fulton play for before Manly?
    Wollongong Wests
  • Who was the male lead in the 1960s film The Graduate?
    Dustin Hoffman
  • Who is the author of Silence of the Lambs?
    Thomas Harris
  • What is the world's longest venomous snake?
    King Cobra
  • Who scored the Golden Point to win game 1 in the 2004 State of Origin
    Shaun Timmins

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