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Bird Groups
Bitterns a sedge   Owls a parliament
Buzzards a wake   Parrots a pandemonium or company
Bobolinks a chain   Partridge a covey
Coots a cover   Peacocks an ostentation or muster
Cormorants a gulp   Penguins a colony, muster, parcel or rookery
Crows a murder or horde   Pheasant: a nest, nide (a brood), nye or bouquet
Dotterel a trip   Plovers a congregation or wing (in flight)
Doves a dule   Ptarmigans a covey
(Turtle Doves) pitying   Rooks a building
Ducks a brace, team, flock (in flight), raft (on water), paddling or badling   Quail a bevy or covey
Eagles a convocation   Ravens an unkindness
Finches a charm   Snipe a walk or wisp
Flamingos a stand   Sparrows a host
Geese a flock, gaggle (on the ground) or skein (in flight)   Starlings a murmuration
Grouse a pack (in late season)   Storks a mustering
Hawks a cast, kettle (in flight) or boil (two or more spiraling in air)   Swallows a flight, gulp
Herons a sedge or siege   Swans a bevy, game or wedge (in flight)
Jays a party or scold   Swifts a flock
Lapwings a deceit   Teal a spring
Larks an exaltation   Turkeys a rafter or gang
Mallards a sord (in flight) or brace   Vultures a colony, committee, wake
Magpies a tiding, gulp, murder or charm   Woodcocks a fall
Nightingales a watch   Woodpeckers a descent

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