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Rock & Roll and Blues ~ 4

What was Bob Dylan's band, The Band, originally called? The Hawks
In which year did the Byrds record Mr Tamborine Man? 1965
Which Memphis recording company was known as Soulsville? Stax Records
Which Otis Redding song was Stax Records' first single? These Arms of Mine
What was Motown's first million seller? Shop Around by Smokey Robinson
When did the Beatles first appear at Liverpools Cavern Club? 1961
On what date did Buddy Holly die? February 3, 1959
What was the first record played on Dick Clark's American Bandstand in 1957? Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On by Jerry Lee Lewis
Which recording company purchased Elvis Presley's recording contract and Sun master recordings for $35,000 in 1955? RCA Victor
What was the name of the blues singer Roy Brown's band? The Mighty, Mighty Men
What is Fats Domino's first name? Antoine
In which year did RCA introduce the 45 rpm single? 1949
What is Madonna's full name? Madonna Louise Ciccone
Who's first hit was Rappers Delight? The Sugar Hill Gang
What was the brand of Patti Smith's electric Guitar? Rickenbacker
Who were Pere Ubu's founders? Peter Laughner and David Thomas
In the fifties, who was the guitarist with The Falcons? Lance Finnie
Who was known as the 'acid mastermind' behind Pink Floyd? Syd Barrett
What is regarded as the first psycedelic rock hit? Eight Miles High by The Byrds
What was Etta James also known as? Peaches
Who was the lead vocalist with The Animals? Eric Burdon
In 1962 who was the sixth Stone, a pianist, with The Rolling Stones? Ian Stewart
Which record label released the first Beatles record in the US? Vee Jay Records
Who played keyboard with the Funk Brothers? Joe Hunter
Who had the 1963 hit Anyone Who Had a Heart? Dionne Warwick

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