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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 1

Rock & Roll and Blues ~ 1

Who, in 1928, had the first hit with the boogie beat? Clarence 'Pinetop' Smith
Who had the best selling pop instrumental of 1962? Booker T and The MGs with Green Onions
When was the first 33 1/3 rpm LP album released? June 1948
Who was the vocalist for 'The Yardbirds' in 1958? Keith Rolf
Who was the drummer with the Doors? John Densmore
1972, who produced Lou Reed's solo album 'Transformer? David Bowie
In which year did the Beatles' manager Brian Epstein die? (August 27) 1967
Which clasically trained keyboard player joined Jim Morrison to form 'the Doors'? Ray Manzarek
Called up before the local draft board in 1966, which singer insisted he was gay to escape the draft? Iggy Pop
How did Duane Allman die in 1971 A motorcycle accident
Whose version of 'House of the Rising Sun' topped the charts in1964? The Animals
What was Bob Dylan's real name? Robert Zimmerman
Between 1963 and 1966 which writer - producer team score 28 records in the pop top 20 including 12 number one hits? Holland - Dozier - Holland
Which year was considered American pop charts' Year of the Woman? 1962
In which year was Chubby Checker's Twist released? 1960
What was the name of the skiffle band consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison? The Quarrymen
What was Elvis Presley's first record? That's Alright (Mama) - Blue Moon of Kentucky
What was the name of Bill Haley's band? The Comets
In 1953, who wrote Hound Dog for Big Mama Thornton? Jerry Leiber and Mike Stroller
What was John Lee Hooker's first R&B hit? Boogie Chillen
Who's number 1 album in 1987 was The Joshua Tree? U2
Who was Pearl Jam's lead singer? Eddie Vedder
Who was the Sex Pistols's drummer? Paul Cook
In which band were Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan before the Heartbreakers? The New York Dolls
Which singer/drummer of Philidelphia International doubled as frontman for the Tramps? Earl Young

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