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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 1

General Knowledge ~ 2

What are the first names of the Hilton sisters? Nicky and Paris
How many times did Eyvonne Goolagong Cawley win Wimbledon? Twice (1971 and 1980)
Who wrote the Harry Potter books? J K Rowling
What is the surname of Kath from the TV show Kath and Kim? Day-Knight
Who was the host of Countdown? Molly Meldrum
What does Phar Lap mean? Lightning
What invention is Mervyn Richardson famous for? The Victa Lawnmower (His middle name was Victor)
What is the most widely spoken language in the world? Mandarin
Where is the Westerns Plains Zoo? Dubbo in New South Wales
Where is 'The Dish'? Parkes, New South Wales
Which car manufacturer made the FJ Holden
Who Designed the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Torch? Mark Armstrong
Who won the first Test Match between Australia and England in 1877? Australia by 45 runs
On November 5th. 1999 Australians said no to what? Becoming a republic
Who was the winning jockey in the 2002 Tooheys New Melbourne Cup? Damien Oliver
What was Don Bradman's test average against England? 89.78
What is another unusual term for 'wrongun'? A googly
Which Victorian (Australia) town was originally called Sandhurst? Bendigo
Who wrote 'The Origin of the Species'? Charles Darwin
There are 78 cards in which type of pack? Tarrot
Where would one find a Plimsol Line? On a ship
Which horse won the 2001 Tooheys New Melbourne Cup? Etherial
In what year was the Centenary cricket test held in Melbourne? 1977
Who invented Vegemite? Dr. Cyril Callister
Which movie won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2000? Gladiator

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