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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 1

General Knowledge ~ 3

What does a palaeontologist study? Fossils
What are the given names of the Blues Brothers? Jake and Elwood
Canberra is believed to come from the Aboriginal word meaning? Meeting Place
What colour are the seats and carpet of the Australian Senate? Red
In what year was the Sydney Harbour bridge completed? 1932
What is the largest planet in our solar system? Jupiter
What is the nickname of the South Australian cricket team? Redbacks
Which country's flag is solid green? Libya
At which race course would you find Beckett's Corner? Silverstone in the UK
The King and I starred which male actor in 1956? Yul Brynner
Which horse won the 2002 Melbourne Cup? Media Puzzle
What is a Darling River Hardyhead? A fish
Who was the Lithgow Flash? Marjorie Jackson
Where were the Olympics held in 1980? Moscow
Who was Governor of New South Wales when the Rum Rebellion took place? William Bligh
Which country has Dong as its currency? Vietnam
When was the title of Uluru transferred to the traditional owners? September 1985
Tom Hanks won back to back Oscars for which films Philadelphia (1993) & Forrest Gump (1994)
How many runs did Don Bradman score in his first test innings? 19
What is the country code for Australia for international phone calls? 61
Where were the 1968 Olympic Games held? Mexico City
Which Australian city lays claim to be the largest in the world by area? Mount. Isa
Which country's Tourist Adverts claim it is the only country with love in its name? Slovenia
Who directed 'Braveheart'? Mel Gibson
What is the official language of Brazil? Portuguese

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