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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 1

General Knowledge ~ 4

Which well known singer had an album 'Every picture tells a story'? Rod Stewart
Who was Australia's first Prime Minister? Edmund Barton
Which famous actor starred in Mad Max? Mel Gibson
In which year was Australia Day first celebrated? 1818
Name 2 other NSW towns besides Wagga Wagga that are signposted WW2 West Wylong and Wee Waa
What is the official language of Nigeria? English
What is the name of the mine that produces aprox. one third of the world's diamonds? Argyle in WA
Who starred as Ali in the movie of the same name? Will Smith
In what part of the body are the smallest bones? The Ear
Who won the 2002 Rugby Union Super 12s? Canterbury Crusaders
Where is Australia's largest country music festival? Tamworth, NSW
What is the main ingredient of beer? Water
What is the nickname of the Western Australian cricket team? Warriors
Which movie has the tag line "You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hurl"? Wayne's World
In which year were the Montreal Olympics held? 1976
What do you do when you nictate? Blink
In which year did the movie Strictly Ballroom premiere? 1992
What was Kylie Minogue's first feature film? The Delinquents
How many masts does a sloop have? One
What is Australia's floral emblem? Golden Wattle
What was the name of Australian Crawl's first album? The Boys Light Up
Which British Monarch abdicated to marry Wallis? King Edward VIII
What is the floral emblem of South Australia? Sturt's Desert Pea
What is the official language of Brazil? Portuguese
What is the Eastern most point in Australia? Cape Byron

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