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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 1

General Knowledge ~ 7

Mad Max's Interceptor was based on which car? 1973 XB Falcon GT Hardtop
How many strings are there on a mandolin? eight
Which two Australian's played Test cricket in the 70s, 80s and 90s? P. Sleep and A. Border
Which was the last summer Olympics Games Australia didn't win a gold medal? 1976 Montreal
In which Australian state was compulsory voting first introduced? Queensland
Which town is at the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers? Wentworth
What is Al Pachino's real first name? Alfredo
Who was the wicket keeper in the 1985 Rebel Australian Cricket tour? Steve Rixon
Which movie star was the inspiration behind Bugs Bunny? Clark Gable, from It Happened One Night
Australia's Ascot racecourse is in which city? Perth
What is the value of Pi to five decimal places? 3.14159
Who wrote The Origin of the Species? Charles Darwin
Which Slim Dusty song is Australia's only Gold 78 record? The Pub With No Beer
Who was the original singer of You're So Vain? Carly Simon
Which bear grows the largest - Brown, Grizzly or Polar? Polar
In which year were the Ash Wednesday Fires? 1983
How many test scores over 200 did Don Bradman achieve? 12
What is the first name of ex Prime Minister Malcome Fraser's wife? Tammy
Where were the 1968 Olympic games held? Mexico City
What do the letters M & M stand for in the chocolate M & M? Mars and Murrie
Where would you find St. Marks Square? Venice, Italy
Which ex-patriot Australian is known as the Kogarah Kid? Clive James
Which country was called Siam until 1939? Thailand
What sport would you be playing if competing for the Solheim Cup? Golf
Which river flows both north and south of the equator? The Congo

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