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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 1

General Knowledge ~ 8

Who broke the 100m freestyle world record at the 2004 Olympic trials? Libby Lenton
Who was the only person exempted from taking a drug test at the 1972 Olympics? Princess Anne
What is the name of the rear of a ship? Stern
In Aussie rhyming slang what is a 'Captain Cook'? A look
Who was born's birth name is Reginald Dwight? Elton John
Who was Australia's third Prime Minister? John Christian Watson
In which year was the first test between England and Australia played? 1877
Who was Australia playing when Mark Taylor matched Don Bradman's record Test score of 344? Pakistan
Who was the host of the long running TV show 'Hey Hey Its Saturday'? Darryl Summers
What point is the lowest point on the Australian mainland? Lake Eyre
Which two animals are on the Australian fifty cent coin? Kangaroo and Emu
Where in Australia is the Henly-on-Todd held each year? Alice Springs
What do you call a group of jellyfish? A smack
What famous Sydney landmark was reopened in April 2004? Luna Park
Who played Ritchie Cunningham in Happy Days? Ron Howard
In what year did Midget Farrely become the world's first surfing champion? 1964
Which rapper starred in the movie 8 Mile? Eminem
Which Australian city includes the suburbs Subiaco and Cottesloe? Perth
What is the State Capital of California? Sacramento
In which year did Pat Cash win Wimbledon? 1987
In which sport would you shavedown for negative splits? Swimming
Which film featured Hatchet Harry and Barry the Baptist? Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Which horse won the first ever Melbourne Cup? Archer in 1861
How would you express 98 in Roman Numerals? XCVIII
Who designed the winged keel winning yacht in the 1983 America's Cup? Ben Lexcen

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