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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 1

Rock & Roll and Blues ~ 2

What was Stevie Wonder previously known as? "Little" Stevie
Who was the organist for the Doors?
Ray Manzurek
At whose free concert in 1969 did a Hell's Angel, acting as a security guard, stab a man to death? The Rolling Stones
In which year was the first Woodstock festival held? 1969
Who was the singer with early Led Zeppelin? Robert Plant
In which year did the Beatles release Rubber Soul? 1965
What is the first hit song more than 5 minutes long? Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone
For Dylan's 'Like a Rolling Stone', who switched from guitar to organ? Al Koope
In which year was the Beatles' 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' released? (June) 1967
From whom did George Harrison learn sitar? Ravi Shankar
What was Iggy Pop's real name? James Osterberg
In which year did MTV begin broadcasting 24 X 7 pop music videos? 1981
Which year is generally regarded as 'the year of punk'? 1977
Who was the patron and manager of Velvet Underground in 1965? Andy Warhol
At a concert in Miami in 1969, who was arrested for exposing himself? Jim Morrison of the Doors
In which year did Jimmy Hendricks die? 1970 at 27 years old
In which year did Cream disband? 1968
In 1964 who joined the 'R and B' band 'Them' as a vocalist? Van Morrison
What was Otis Redding's first, and only, number one pop hit? Dock of the Bay
How did the King of Soul, Sam Cook, die in 1964? He was shot in a motel
What was William 'Smokey' Robinson's group called? The Miracles
Which two black-owned record labels debut in 1959? Sam Cooke's STAR and Berry Gordy's MOTOWN
In which year did the Beach Boys go Surfin' ? 1961
Phil Spector sang on American Bandstand in 1958 with which group? The Teddy Bears
Which movie in 1955 shot Rock Around the Clock to the top of the pop charts? The Black Board Jungle

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