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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 2

About Australia ~ 2

What were the Commonwealth Games originally called? The British Empire Games
In which year did the British Empire Games begin? 1930
When was daylight saving first introduced to Australia? 1917
What is a drongo? A bird
In which state would you find Lake Eyre? South Australia
In which year were trams introduced to Melbourne? 1885
Who invented the 'Stump Jump' plough? R.B. and C.H. Smith
In which state would you find Pinjarra? Western Australia
Which internationally famous dancer in the 1800s was reputed to have horse-whipped an Australian critic? Lola Montez
Prior to its amalgamation with General Motors, what was the name of Holden's business? Holden and Frost
Who was Australia's first Labor Prime Minister? John Christian Watson
What was the Endeavour's original name? Earl of Pembroke
Which European is credited with first noticing Norfolk Island? Captain James Cook
Who owned the mansion 'Camden Park'? John Macarthur
In which field were William Bragg and his son awarded the Nobel Prize in 1915? Physics
On which Australian decimal banknote was the portrait of Henry Lawson? $10
Who was the first chairman of the ABC? Charles Lloyd Jones
In which state would you find jarra forests? Western Australia
Which other coin was made in the production of the holey dollar? The Dump
Originally, whose home was Vaucluse House? W. C. Wentworth
Who was the first Australian politician to broadcast on radio? Billy Hughes
Built in 1848, what is the name of the church at The Rocks, Sydney? Holy Trinity Church
What was a 'deener'? A one shilling coin (The equivalent of today's 10c)
In which Queensland town was Waltzing Matilda first performed? Winton
What is Broken Hill's nickname? The Silver City

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