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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 2

About Australia ~ 3

At the mouth of which river does Cooktown lie? The Endeavour River
What is the 'capital' of the Torres Strait Islands?
Thursday Island
What is a bustard? An Australian bird
In which year did Douglas Mawson lead Australia's first expedition to the Antarctic? 1911
What is 'The Gulflander"? A train running between Normanton and Croydon in Queensland
Who founded the Bulletin? Jules Francis Archibald
Where was the Batavia wrecked in 1629? Off the coast of Western Australia
What was blackbirding? The enslavement of South Sea Islanders by Australian plantations
What was Ben Chifley's full name? Joseph Benedict Chifley
What does the C stand for in the organisation CWA? Country
What was William Cox known for? Building the first road over the Blue Mountains
What was the full name of C. J. Dennis? Clarence Michael James Dennis
How long can giant earthworms grow? Up to 3.5m
In which year did TV begin transmission in Australia? 1956
Which officer led the Rum Rebellion? Major George Johnston
In which town is the oldest continuously used bridge in Australia? Richmond, Tasmania
Who was the first woman to be elected to the Australian House of Reps? Dame Enid Lyons
Off the Coast of which state is Kangaroo Island? South Australia
What was Jon Hendricks best known for? Swimming
In 1809, who was Australia's first Postmaster? Isaac Nichols
Who created the Pavlova in 1935? Bert Sachse
Who created the game that later turned into Australian Rules? T.W. Wills in 1858
Who became the fastest man on earth in the Bluebird on Lake Eyre? Donald Campbell
Where would you find the grave of bushranger Captain Thunderbolt? Uralla, NSW
Which Australian city is renowned for its pearling industry? Broome

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