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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 2

About Australia ~ 4

In which year was the city of Hobart founded? 1804
Which Australian town is associated with the Zig-zag railway? Lithgow
Traveling from Sydney to Perth prior to 1970, how many train changes were needed due to rail gauge differences? Five
Which were the first coins to be made totally from Australian metals on Australian soil? The Adelaide gold pound and the five pound gold piece
Prisoners of which nation participated in the Cowra Breakout? Japan
Who designed Sydney's Supreme Court building? Francis Greenway
In which state would you find Yanchep? Western Australia
Who was the first woman to fly from Australia to England and Australia to South Africa? Mrs. Lores Bonney
When was the Australian Atomic Energy Commission formed? 1955
Who discovered the goldfield named Coolgardie? Arthur Bayley and William Ford
What does the suffix "up" mean in many Western Australian place names? Of the Indigenous Australian Noongar language and means "place of"
Where would you find 'Granny Smith's' headstone? St. Anne's Church, Ryde, NSW
Where would you find Australia's High Court? Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra
Where would you find Andamooka? South Australia
What is a snoek? A fish
What is made from bauxite? Aluminium
Does Australia have a native bee? Yes
What was Rolf Bolderwood's real name? Thomas Alexander Browne
What type of bird is a brolga? A crane
When did Cob & Co begin operating? 1853
What does the I stand for in CSIRO? Industrial
Where would you find the Darling Range? Western Australia
On which Australian river would you find Devonport? Mersey River
Who established Elizabeth Farm at Parramatta? John Macarthur
What was the first newspaper to be published in Australia? The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

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