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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 2

General Knowledge ~ 10

Which bank was previously known as the Bank of NSW? Westpac
How many bones are there in an Elephant's trunk? None
What is the name of the dog on the HMV record label? Nipper
What precious stones are found at Coober Pedy? Opals
Elton Flatley became Queensland Reds skipper in 2004 replacing who? Daniel Herbert
In what country is the city of Lucknow? India
On average, how many volts are found in three phase electricity? 415v
Who founded the Royal Flying Doctor Service? Dr. John Flynn
In which year did Cyclone Tracey hit Darwin? 1974
Which Australian actor won the Best Actor Oscar for Shine? Geoffrey Rush
Which car company makes the Testarossa? Ferrari
What is the name of Courtney Cox's character in the Scream movies? Gale Weathers
In which year did Princess Dianna die? 1997
What was the traditional name for the best shearer in the shed? Ringer
What native Australian animal can drink using its skin? Thorny Devil Lizard
Who was on the cover of the first Rolling Stone magazine? John Lennon
What trade did Harrison Ford work in before becoming a film star? Carpentry
What is the largest island in the Caribbean? Cuba
Who crossed the Antarctic Circle in 1773? Captain James Cook
What is the name of the range that runs along the East Coast of Australia? Great Dividing Range
What river flows both north and south of the equator? The Congo
What is the smallest country in Europe? Vatican City
How many states make up the United States of America? Fifty
What is the only planet that rotates clockwise? Venus
What cricketers have played for Australia with the surname starting with Z? Zoeher & Zesers

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