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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 2

General Knowledge ~ 11

What is the capital of Afghanistan? Kabul
Which country has the most volcanoes? Indonesia
Whose portraits do you find on a $10 note? Banjo Patterson and Dame Mary Gilmore
Which Australian city is called the City of Lights? Perth
In what year was the Sydney Opera House opened? 1979
What is Peter Lalor best known for? Leading the Eureka uprising
Which actor was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Will Smith
In what year did Australia first win the Rugby World Cup? 1991
In a deck of playing cards what is the only king without a moustache? The King of Hearts
Which horses have won the Melbourne Cup at 100/1 odds? The Pearl (1871), Wodan (1936 and Old Rowley (1940)
What is the best poker hand? A Royal Flush
What number is referred to as Top of the House in Bingo? Ninety
What animal was the Canary Islands named after? The dog
In which year was Newcastle, Australia, devastated by an earthquake? 1989
Who was both an F1 driver and a police officer? Nigel Mansell
Who is the voice of Shaggy in the movie Scooby Doo? Casey Kassem
Which two animals are on the Australian 50c coin? Emu & kangaroo
Who had the major role in the film Enter The Dragon? Bruce Lee
Which country has the world's longest coastline? Canada
What is the singer Prince's real name? Prince Rogers Nelson
Which band released the album Meteora in 2003 Linkin Park
What is the former name of the band Silverchair? Innocent Criminals
Which actor starred in the films Con Air, Big Daddy and Armageddon? Steve Buscemi
What do you call a group of owls? A Parliament
What was the name of Dame Edna's dead husband? Norman


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