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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 2

General Knowledge ~ 14

In which computer game is Lara Croft the heroine? Tomb Raiders
What is the most common gas in the Earth's atmosphere? Nitrogen
Who recorded the album Graceland? Paul Simon
Which golfer is nicknamed 'The Big Easy'? Ernie Ells
Which number is at 6 o'clock on the dartboard? Three
What is the Matilda in Waltzing Matilda? A swag
What is the name of the former Prime Minister Malcom Frazer's wife? Tammy
Who recorded the1999 album 'Messenger'? Jimmie Little
Does sound travel faster through water or steel? Steel
What is an auctioneer's hammer called? A gavel
What is the nickname of the Queensland cricket team? Bulls
Which Australian tennis player was nicknamed 'Muscles'? Ken Rosewall
In which Brisbanbe suburb is 'The Gabba' situated? Woolongabba
In which year were the Montreal Olympics held? 1976
Which middle East country hosted the first F1 race in 2004? Bahrain
Which sport is featured in the movie Cool Running? Bobsled
In which year was the first Melbourne Cup run? 1861
Who is known as the Golden Bear? Jack Nicklaus
Who faced the first ever ball in test cricket? Charles Bannerman
Who said, "It was a wise man who invented beer"? Plato
When was the first Test played at Bellerive Oval in Hobart? 1989/90 (Aus v Sl)
What is the only type of bird that can fly backwards? Hummingbird
Who said 'Lisa, Vampires are make believe like Elves, Gremlins and Eskimos'? Homer Simpson
What is the chemical symbol for Lead? Pb
Who faced the underarm delivery at the MCG on Feb 1, 1981? Brian McKenzie

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