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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 3

Olympic Games ~ 1

In which city were the 1900 Olympics held? Paris
How many medals did Shane Gould win at the 1972 Munich Olympics? Five
How many Olympic gold medals did Betty Cuthbert win? Four
Where were the 1964 Olympics held? Tokyo
In which sport did Sir Frank Beurepaire compete? Swimming
Who hosted the 1928 Olympics? Amsterdam
For which country did Wilma Rudolph compete in athletics in 1960? USA
In which sport did Klaus Dibiasi compete? Diving
In which city were the first modern Olympics held Athens - 1896
How many Olympic gold medals did East German, Barbara Krause win in 1980 Three
Who won gold in athletics for the 200m and 4X100m relay in 1976 & 1980? Babel Wockel
In which yeas did Berlin host the Olympics? 1936
In which sport did Italian, Klaus Dibiasi compete? Diving
Which male won the 1968 long jump? Bob Beamon - USA
In which sport did Hans Winkler compete? Equestrian
How many Olympic gold medals did Herb Elliot win? One
Which men's team won gold for basketball in 1960? USA
How many Olympic medals did Dawn Fraser win? Eight
For which country did weightlifter Tommy Kono compete? USA
In which sport did Gert Fredriksson compete? Kayak/canoeing
How many Olympic gold medals did Jesse Owens win in 1936 Four
The swimmer, Duke Kahanamoku competed for which country? USA
In which year did Jim Thorpe win both the decathlon and pentathlon? 1912
What was Paavo Nurmi's nickname? The Phantom Finn
What was the full name of Jesse Owens? James Cleveland Owens

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