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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 3

Olympic Games ~ 2

Who devised and was 'The Father of', Modern Pentathlon? Baron de Courbertin
In 1952 which country played the Olympic soccer final against Hungary? Yugoslavia
How many Olympic medals did Larissa Latynina win? Eighteen
Which lake was used for rowing in the 1956 Olympics? Lake Wendouree
Who was the coach for the 1960 American men's basketball team? Pete Newell
What was Abebe Bikila's job before winning gold at the 1960 Olympics? Private in Emperor Haile Selassie's bodyguard
Who made their 'Black Power' protest at the 1968 Olympics? Tommie Smith and John Carlos
For which country did Daniel Morelon ride? France
In athletics at the munich Olympics who won the women's 4 X 100 relay? West Germany
In which sport did Murry Rose win two gold medals at the Melbourne Olympics? Swimming
In which sport did Sir William Northam win gold at the Tokyo Olympics? Yachting
Where were the 1920 Olympics held? Antwerp
How many Olympic medals did Andrew 'Boy' Charlton win? Six
In which sport was Teofilo Stevenson of Cuba a gold medal winner? Boxing
Where were the 1984 Olympics held? Los Angeles
In which sport did Vladimir Salnikov compete? Swimming
For which country did Nadia Comaneci compete? Romania
How many Olympic Games were cancelled as a result of war? Three
For which country did Teofilo Stevenson box? Cuba
Which country did Mark Spitz represent? USA
In which sport did Daniel Morelon compete? France
How many Olympic gold medals did Iolanda Balas win? Two - for high jump
Who won the lightweight weightlifting gold in 1964 & 1968? Waldemar Baszanowski
In which sport did Rafter Johnson compete? Decathlon
Where was Betty Cuthbert born? Merrylands, Sydney

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