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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 3

Olympic Games ~ 3

Who was known as 'The Lithgow Flash?' Marjory Jackson
For which country did Laszlo Papp box? Hungary
How many Olympic gold medals did Fanny Blankers-Koen win in 1948 Four
In which sport did Ilona Elek win Olympic gold? Fencing
How many Olympic gold medals did Alvin Kraenzlein win in 1900? Four
Which nation invented the sport of water polo? Britain
In how many consecutive Olympic games did Jack Beresford compete? Five
Who was the first boxer to win three Olympic gold medals? Laszlo Papp
Who originated the 180 degree turn in shot put? Parry O'Brien
What was US diver Pat Mormick's maiden name? Keller
How old was Dawn Fraser when she won her first Olympic gold medal? Nineteen
Who was labelled 'The Most Durable Champion of all time'? Al Oerter - USA
Where was Herb Elliot born? Perth, Western Australia
Which illness' did Wilma Rudolph contract at the age of 4? Scarlet Fever and Pneumonia
Who came second in the 1960 Olympics 20k walk Noel Freeman
What is Mike Wenden's middle name? Vincent
Where were the 1952 Olympics held? Helsinki
Which Olympic champion coached Shane Gould and Karen Moras Forbes Carlile
In which Olympic sport did Russell Mockridge compete ? Cycling
Which prized National award did Nikolai Andrianov and his coach receive? The 'Order of Lenin'
Who was the first European Athlete to win both the 100m & 200m titles? Valerity Borzov
Who was the first man to lift 500 lb (226.8k)? Vasily Alexeyev
At which Olympics did Herb Elliot win gold for the 1500m Rome 1960
Which Australian won two gold medals in track and field at the 1896 Athens Olympics? Edwin H. Flack
Where were the 1960 Olympics held? Rome

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