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Trivia Question and Answer Sets 3

Olympic Games ~ 4

In how many Olympic Games was the (swimming) obstacle race held? One - Paris 1900
At which Olympics did Sarah 'Fanny' Durak compete? Stockholm 1912
In which sport did Henry 'Bobby' Pearce compete? Rowing
Where were the 1972 Olympics held? Munich
For which country did the wrestler Alexander Medved compete? USSR
In which year did St Louis, USA host the Olympics? 1904
In which sport did Yurik Vardanyan compete Weightlifting
In 1976, who won the 400m hurdles? Edwin Moses - USA
In which sport did Levan Tediashvili compete? Wrestling
Where were the 1912 Olympics held? Stockholm, Sweden
Which male won the 1960 & 1964 marathon? Abebe Bikila
In which sport did Rodney Pattisson compete? Yachting
For which country did Peter Snell compete? New Zealand
Who won the male single sculls in 1956, 1960 & 1964? Vyalcheslav Ivanov
Which country won gold in the men's soccer in 1952? Hungary
Which Swede won the 1952 & 1956 individual pentathlon? Lars Hall
In which sport did Christian d'Oriola compete? Fencing
For which country did Rie Mastenbroek compete? Netherlands
In which sport did the Italian, Nedo Nadi compete? Fencing
Which city hosted the 1920 Olympics? Antwerp, Belgium
American rower John Kelly was the father of which famous person? The Late Grace Kelly, (Princess Grace of Monaco)
Who won Australia's only gold medal in the 1928 Olympics? Bobby Pearce
Who was the first South American to win Olympic gold in a field event? Adhemar Ferreira da Silva
Shirley Strickland's father was a professional what? Sprinter
What was Betty Cuthbert's nickname? The 'Golden Girl'

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