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Multi-choice Interactive Quiz
~ The Meaning of Words ~


Ten multi-choice questions on
The Meaning of Words

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Q1. The word Latent means?
A) Obvious
B) Active
C) Hidden
D) Nonexistent

Q2. The word Sophistry means?
A) Artistic endeavour
B) Boring discussion
C) False reasoning
D) Profound thought

Q3. To Masticate means to?
A) Chew
B) Pour
C) Simmer
D) Soak

Q4. A Morsel is?
A) A fish
B) Confectionery
C) A small portion
D) A cooking implement

Q5. The word Obfuscate means to?
A) Make unclear
B) Speak at length
C) Puzzle
D) Multiply

Q6. The adjective Shoddy means?
A) Old
B) Mysterious
C) Strange
D) Inferior

Q7. The word Stygian means?
A) Mean
B) Filthy
C) Hellish
D) Uncompromising

Q8. The adjective Puckish means?
A) Wrinkly
B) Mischievous
C) Quarrelsome
D) Quirky

Q9. The noun Mitigation means?
A) Discussion
B) Idolatry
C) Court case
D) Relief

Q10. The verb trundle means to?
A) Hang
B) Package
C) Roll along
D) Tie up

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