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Military & Nautical Phrases:
Etymology: The Origins of Nautical & Military Phrases

Ten multi-choice questions on
Science and Technology.

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Q1. A Gudgeon Pin is?
A) A Surgical instrument
B) Part of a car engine
C) A building stabaliser
D) Part of a fishing reel

Q2. Pneumatics is the study of?
A) The common cold
B) Molten metals
C) Fluids
D) Gasses

Q3. The Tyndall Effect relates to?
A) The pitch of sound
B) The scattering of light
C) The flow of water
D) The effects of heat

Q4. Apogee relates to?
A) Stars
B) Galaxies
C) Satellites
D) The Sun

Q5. Which of these is a monotreme?
A) Possum
B) Echidna
C) Kangaroo
D) Blue Tongued Lizard

Q6. Who performed the first artificial transmutation?
A) Albert Einstein
B) Lord Rutherford
C) Brian Faraday
D) Adolph Hitler

Q7. A proton is?
A) A negatively charged particle
B) A group of atoms
C) A positively charged particle
D) A group of stars

Q8. Red Shift relates to?
A) Film speed
B) Earthquakes
C) Resonance
D) The Doppler Effect

Q9. Nutation is?
A) A mathematical principle
B) Cloning
C) Variations in the Earth's spin
D) Cross breeding

Q10. The Abacus is?
A) A calculating device
B) A Greek God
C) A type of plankton
D) A Llama

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