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Ten multi-choice questions on
General Knowledge

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Q1. The American, Robert Fulton, invented the first successful?
A) Washing Machine
B) Roller Skates
C) Steamboat
D) Religious writing

Q2. The Murders on the Rue Morgue was written by?
A) John Steinbeck
B) Jack Kerouac
C) Ernest Hemmingway
D) Edgar Allan Poe

Q3. The Gulf Stream is a current that flows through which ocean?
A) Pacific
B) Indian
C) Atlantic
D) Great Southern

Q4. From which part of the Cacao tree does cocoa come?
A) Leaves
B) Beans
C) Root
D) Trunk

Q5. Edmonton is the capital of which Canadian province?
A) British Columbia
B) Washington
C) Alberta
D) Maine

Q6. Wolfgang Mozart's middle name was?
A) Lindsay
B) Amadeus
C) Vincent
D) Charles

Q7. The ruins of Pompeii are in?
A) France
B) Greece
C) Spain
D) Italy

Q8. The Sun is a?
A) Galexy
B) Satelite
C) Star
D) Planet

Q9. The passionfruit is a?
A) Fruit
B) Vegetable
C) Berry
D) Nut

Q10. Burundi is?
A) A worker's sign on clock
B) An Alcoholic Drink
C) A Fish
D) A Country

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