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Ten multi-choice questions on
Animal Groups

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Q1. What do you call a group of Bears?
A) a gang
B) a shadow
C) a sloth
D) a herd

Q2. What is a group of Moles called?
A) a labor
B) a turmoil
C) a barren
D) a scurry

Q3. A group of Rhinoceros is?
A) a pack
B) a crash
C) sawt
D) a band

Q4. What is a group of Elephants called?
A) a Trunk
B) a labor
C) a Circus
D) a parade

Q5. A group of Buffalo is?
A) an obstinacy
B) a troop
C) a rout
D) a richness

Q6. A group of Bats is called?
A) a trip
B) a thunder
C) a cauldron
D) a mob

Q7. A group of Ferrets is?
A) a pride
B) a business
C) a colony
D) a scurry

Q8. What would you call a group of Lemurs?
A) a conspiracy
B) a bloat
C) a school
D) a clowder

Q9. What is a group of Badgers called?
A) a sawt
B) a passel
C) a dray
D) a cete

Q10. A group of Apes is called?
A) an ambush
B) a shrewdness
C) a gang
D) a mess

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