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This Will Not Be Easy:
1500 Challenging Trivia Questions and Answers

Ten multi-choice questions on
Egyptian Mythology

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Q1. The god of the 360 day Egyptian calendar, who famously lost the other 5 days to Thoth in a game of dice was?
A) Ooh
B) Ha
C) Aah
D) Bah

Q2. Which one of the 4 sons of Horus protected the mummified remains of the dead?
A) Kemur
B) Herishep
C) Ihy
D) Amsit

Q3. A fertility god with a ram's head is?
A) Ba
B) Maat
C) Mut
D) Ra

Q4. The god of magic and magical rituals and son of the Egyptian creator god Atum was?
A) Petbe
B) Heka
C) Sahu
D) Jah

Q5. The goddess of war, hunting, and wisdom; said to be the mother of Ra, is?
A) Neith
B) Amn
C) Hathor
D) Ken

Q6. Who was the Egyptian goddess of Protection?
A) Mafdet
B) Nunet
C) Qetesh
D) Bast

Q7. Who was the crafting god who covered all sorts of industry, such as masonry, craftsmanship, carpentry, sculpture, metal-working, and ship-building?
A) Bes
B) Sesmu
C) Babi
D) Ptah

Q8. Which unique monster-god protected the Egyptian people from demons, ill-willed gods, dreams and nightmares?
A) Weneg
B) Tutu
C) Sarong
D) Sekhmet

Q9. Who was the cobra-headed goddess who was both dangerous and merciful, who protected the Valley of the Kings and laid waste to grave-robbers?
A) Meretseger
B) Wadjet
C) Widget
D) Seker

Q10. Who was god of the Earth, represented by the goose. His twin sister/consort was Nut, the sky goddess?
A) Ihy
B) Hapi
C) Geb
D) Min

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