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Ten multi-choice questions on
The Melbourne Cup

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Q1. In which year did the Melbourne Cup have the fewest runners, with only 7 starters?
A) 1931
B) 1863
C) 1861
D) 1862

Q2. In which year was the Melbourne Cup first run on the first Tuesday in the month?
A) 1890
B) 1960
C) 1939
D) 1875

Q3. Who was the first woman jockey to win the cup?
A) Clare Lindop
B) Michelle Payne
C) Maree Lyndon
D) Katelyn Mallyon

Q4. Which was the first horse to win the Melbourne Cup twice?
A) Think Big
B) Rain Lover
C) Peter Pan
D) Archer

Q5. Which year was the first time the race was televised live to Sydney?
A) 1960
B) 1977
C) 1956
D) 1920

Q6. In which year was the Melbourne Cup postponed for a week?
A) 1918
B) 1939
C) 1870
D) 1863

Q7. During which years was the Melbourne Cup run on Saturdays?
A) 1942 - 44
B) 1914 -18
C) 1960 - 66
D) 1860 - 61

Q8. How many Melbourne Cup wins has Makybe Diva had?
A) Six
B) Three
C) Five
D) Four

Q9. To December 2016, which horse holds the record winning time of 3.16.30?
A) Protectionist
B) Jeune
C) Black Knight
D) Kingston Rule

Q10. To December 2016, in which year did the Melbourne Cup have its highest attendance of 122,736?
A) 2003
B) 2010
C) 1978
D) 1890

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