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Q1. In which Australian state or territory would you find Wycliffe Well, the 'UFO Capital of Australia'?
B) Tasmania
C) Queensland
D) Northern Territory

Q2. Featuring a licensed restaurant and plenty of places for camping for the night, on which highway would you find the Bourke and Wills Roadhouse?
A) Matilda Highway
B) Burketown Highway
C) Bruce Highway
D) Warrego Highway

Q3. In which state or territory would you find the Border Village Roadhouse?
A) Northern Territory
B) South Australia
C) Western Australia
D) Queensland

Q4. On which Highway would you find Cocklebiddy?
A) Bruce Highway
B) Eyre Highway
C) Great Northern Highway
D) Princes Highway

Q5. Excluding all offshore islands, what is the estimated length of Australia's coastline?
A) 34,218 km
B) 21,262 km
C) 97,263 km
D) 18,285 km

Q6. In which state or territory would you find The Argyle Diamond Mine?

A) Northern Territory

B) Queensland
C) South Australia
D) Western Australia

Q7. In the Channel Country of Central West Queensland, which town has been designated as Australia's smallest town (population 0), with its only facilities being a racetrack, a dry weather airstrip and a cricket field?
A) Bringelly
B) Betoota
C) Boab
D) Barnaby

Q8. On which highway would you find Tilmouth Well Roadhouse?
A) Stuart Highway
B) Kakadu Highway
C) Tanami Highway
D) Barkly Highway

Q9. In which state or territory is the ghost town Farina situated?
A) Tasmania
B) South Australia
C) Queensland
D) Northern Territory

Q10. First established in the 1860s, Mary Kathleen boomed when what was opened in the 1950s?
A) A diamond mine
B) A coal mine
C) A uranium mine
D) A railway line

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